Dub Grind in the studio is a combination of Dub, Jungle DnB, Grime and Dubstep  - all things rooted in Dub and
all it's wicked incarnations. Dub Grind is produced at 170 bpm true to our Jungle Roots but feels like 70bpm - It's a heavy sound. Dub Grind's an evolution of Dub, Breakbeat & Jungle. Our grind is released on Combat Records with a halftime dnb/drumstep vibe and deep Ragga Riddim Dubstep feel. Checkout Reflections Dub, The Burroughs Dub, Outerlimits Dub & Two Muthafukas on Combat 053 The Reflections EP dropping soon on Beatport. In the meantime chek out our COMBAT Brethren on the new MIA EP
This is the first version of this site. We're in the process of designing and building - hold tight for more information about our EDM Dub Innovation.

stay tuned FOR a New Taste of dubgrind:

M1D1 & RP Smack are Dub Grind with guest grinders Kode X and Combat Label Boss DJ Oracle.  All Jungle Vets that have been Grinding DnB Jungle stateside since 1992. Some of the first Junglist in America! They're responsible for some of the many of the most memorable Underground Events in Chicago.
The last installment in the long running Psychosis series is the latest production with several more productions slated for late Summer and Fall 2013. It's that experience in creating and producing Underground and Full On Massives that they bring while producing and playing live.
So far the Grinders have been held capative as a lab experience at the mighty SOS Studios but expect Unique Sounds and Styles and all tings experienced at a ripe production circa mid 90's at a Dub Grind Flex. Check us breaking outa the Lab via RP @ the Cooking Woofers festy festival in Central Wisconsin, June 14th 15th; DUB TACTICS IMPLEMENTED!!!
Expect Fireworks, Dub Sirens and Dubs of the Biggest, Heavyweight Bass Music being produced accented with those Deep Bubbly Vibn Baselines Fused with Alluring and Provocative Visuals
and the dub tactics that'll be unique to  dubgrind.

decades OF UNDERGROUND PROMOTIONS and involvement in COAST TO COAst  PRODUCTIONS Devleoped THE DUB GRIND CONCEPT: A fun and crazy way to express the high grade studio creative craftsmanship at SOS studios at gigs we're booked at in Chicago and beyond but featuring real Sound System Dub Tactics with our Dubgrind studio equipment and a steady selection of the hottest Jungle Bass Dubstep Dubs and the same Dub Sirens and Oscillators used in producing the tracks - all played live in a nod to the great Jah Shaka, Earthquake & other Dub Systems of the 70's and 80's and current Sound Systems Worldwide but with twenty years of a ripe underground interpretation.
*Except Pyro Fireworks and well placed Airhorns, Big Deep & EZ Vibz and a Heavy Grinding Dub Sound.

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